Southern Nevada Teamsters 631 Training Center
Southern Nevada Teamsters 631 Training Center

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Answer:  Teamsters are the people who set up and break down all the Conventions that come to Las Vegas.  They are also Republic Services, UPS, various Block Plants, Buses, Test Site, Construction just to name a few.  The Teamsters that handle Conventions cover Floor Layout, Decorating, Freight, Installation and Dismantle of Booths, Carpet and Rigging.  Teamsters are members of Teamsters Local 631 in Las Vegas.

Answer:  The Southern Nevada Teamsters 631 Convention Training Trust is a non-profit entity created by Local 631 and its signatory contractors to provide training resources for Teamsters Convention Workers.  Monies managed by the Trust are used to purchase training equipment, to hire instructors, and to provide a host of other educational resources that are used by apprentices and journeypersons alike.  The Apprenticeship Program is completely funded and managed by the Trust.

Answer:  No.  Applications are accepted only after announcement of apprenticeship opportunities no less than thirty (30) days prior to earliest date of acceptance of applications.  Applications shall be accepted for a period of not less than 10 working days.  Times and dates of accepting applications will be on the announcement.

Answer:  State law requires us to accept applications at least every two years.  Applicants that meet the eligibility requirements, which includes passing the written examination, are placed on the Accepted Alternate List (a waiting list).  We can only bring people into our program when our contractors need additional Apprentices.  Usually, there will be more applicants on the waiting lists than we can bring into our program in the two year period between openings for new applications.  Some applicants remain on the waiting list for the entire two year period.  After two years, we open the program again, test new applicants, and create a new Accepted Alternate List.  Anyone still on the previous list will need to both reapply, and retest, to again become eligible for the program.  Placement on the new Accepted Applicants List is totally dependent on one’s most recent examination score.  No credit is given for having been on the previous list.

Answer:  No, not at this time.  All applications must be done in person and by the person applying.

Answer:  No.  The Apprenticeship Program includes training to bring you up to a minimum level of safety and knowledge before you are placed on a job.

Answer:  In some cases, it may help.  For all classifications – prior work experience and education can add points you received during the application process.  As described in the Application and Oral Interview section of the Apprenticeship Program information found on this website, these points are used to determine your eligibility for an oral interview.

Answer:  No.  The State is very clear on this issue.  We are required to treat each applicant equally.  Hence, you are required to meet all eligibility requirements, including passing the entrance examination, just like any other applicant.

Answer: Contact your local public library for information and/or search the internet for organizations that provide such education.

Answer: If your application is complete and includes all required documents, you will be scheduled for a written entrance examination once you turn in your application.

Answer: Applicants will take a three-part examination: Math, Reading and Writing that covers the 8th grade to High School level. 

Answer: Each examination is allowed 30 minutes, totaling (1.5) hours to complete the entire test. The whole testing process (including check-in, briefings, testing, etc.) typically takes about 2 hours.

Answer: Because of the large numbers of individuals testing, examination results may take up to five (5) weeks to be processed and mailed.

Answer: No. Veterans do not get any preference over other applicants.

Answer: No. You will have to wait for the next application period to again apply for the program.

Answer: Applicants must get 65 points or more to move on to the Interview.  These points are a combination of items turned in with your application along with the written test – in determining eligibility for an oral interview.

Answer: No. Applicants obtain eligibility for an oral interview through a point system that uses a combination of the applicant’s education, certifications, work experience, and written examination results. Applicants obtaining sixty-five (65) or more points will qualify for an oral interview.  All applicants receiving an oral interview are placed on the Accepted Applicants List.

Answer: All accepted applicants are ranked according to their overall score which includes those points received as a result of the oral interview.  The applicant with the highest score on the applicable list will be called first. We work down the list from highest overall score to lowest overall score.

Answer: Following your oral interview, you will receive a letter explaining your status.

Answer: No. You are not allowed to solicit your own work. It is a violation of the labor contract we have signed with our union contractors for persons associated with our program to individually solicit work. Finding you employment is the responsibility of your assigned Apprentice Coordinator.

Answer: The program consists of 2,000 hours of on-the-job and (2) semesters of related and supplemental classroom time. The related and supplemental instruction occurs at our training site.  Apprentices may attend class during the week, in the evenings or weekends depending on the show schedule and the class schedule, typically when work is slow.  Once you have obtained the required on-the-job training hours working for contractor(s), completed all of your related and supplemental classroom instruction and community service, you will have completed the Apprenticeship Program and be classified as a journeyperson. Most of our apprentices complete the program in approximately two (2) years.

Answer: There is no cost to you for our program. However, once you start work, you will be expected to join Local 631 and begin paying union dues. The initiation fee to join Local 631 is approximately $150. You will be given a three (3) month period of time to pay this initiation fee once you are dispatched to your first contractor and indentured into our program. You are required to maintain an active membership in Local 631.

Answer: Yes. We are a state approved apprenticeship program recognized by the Veterans Administration. If you are a veteran, we encourage you to provide us a copy of your DD-214 with your application.

Answer: Yes. Before we allow you to begin training, we will drug test you. Many of the contractors in the industry also conduct drug testing as part of their safety programs.

Answer: Our program is composed of four (4) steps. Once you are indentured and placed on a job, you are at Step 1. A Step 1 apprentice starts at 60 percent of the journeyperson scale. Every 500 hours of on-the-job training (work experience) gives a wage increase of ten (10) percent of the journeyperson scale. After completing the program you will graduate to journeyperson level where the wage rate is approximately $36.00+ per hour (plus health/welfare and pension benefits).

Answer: No. The first time you are called off the Accepted Applicants List, you will be required to attend your 1st year classes and safety training. We cannot place you on a job without you first acquiring basic safety skills for working on show site. You will NOT be paid during this time. You will need to remain at the training site until you demonstrate a minimum level of safety for operating basic equipment. You will be asked to attend the training site Monday through Saturday from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm. The length of time you spend at the training site can be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Some of the factors that affect how long you will be at the training site for this initial training period include:

  • Your ability to learn;
  • Your discipline to attend the training site on a regular basis;
  • Economy (we cannot place you on a job if the contractors do not have work). When work becomes available that you can safely perform, you will be indentured into our program, dispatched to a union contractor, and will begin to earn Step 1 apprentice wages

Answer: Yes. Apprentices receive the same health/welfare benefits as journeypersons. 
Subject to the initial eligibility rules and conditions of those plans.

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Southern Nevada Teamsters 631 Training Center
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